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Cat® Motor Grader Highlights

Cat Motor Graders are designed to give you the power and precision to get the job done right, whether you're building a highway in Orlando or maintaining a haul road in Ocala.

  • Cat Motor Grader's  revolutionary joystick controls reduce hand & wrist movement by 78% so your operators can work more comfortably and productively shift after shift.
  • Cat Motor Grader's angled doors, tapered floor and no levers in front give you a clear line of sight to the blade and around the machine.
  • Drawbar-Circle-Moldboard components are designed to significantly reduce adjustment time so it's easy to maintain factory-tight components for your highest quality work.
  • Cat Grade Control Cross Slope is a factory-integrated option that helps you achieve first-pass accuracy by automating one end of the blade.
  • Cat Motor Graders are designed with the safety of people in mind, with features like redundant steering and brake systems, remote engine shutdown switch, implement lockout, an optional rearview camera and so much more.
  • M-Series 2 Cat Motor Graders meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB emission standards.


We have the following Cat Motor Graders for sale in Florida:


Base Power

Operating Weight 

Blade Width
12M3 179 hp 42647 lb 12 ft
12M3 AWD 179 hp 44614 lb 12 ft
140M3 200 hp 43950 lb 12 ft
140M3 AWD 200 hp 45917 lb 12 ft
160M3 221 hp 45547 lb 14 ft
160M3 AWD 221 hp 47514 lb 14 ft
120M2 145 hp 39892 lb 12 ft
120M2 AWD 145 hp 41859 lb  12 ft
12M2 173 hp 42383 lb   12 ft
12M2 AWD 173 hp 44349 lb   12 ft
140M2 193 hp 43686 lb  12 ft
140M2 AWD 193 hp 45652 lb  12 ft
160M2 213 hp 45283 lb  14 ft
160M2 AWD 213 hp 47249 lb  14 ft
14M 259 hp 53738 lb  14 ft
16M 297 hp 67338 lb 16 ft
16M3 290 hp 71454 lb 16 ft
24M 533 hp 145151 lb  24 ft


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