Ring Power


Cat® Small Wheel Loader Highlights:

  • VersaLink™ loader linkage on the 924H and 930H provides toolcarrier controllability, versatility and parallel lift for exceptional loader performance in a wide range of applications.
  • Strong Z-bar linkage design on the 924Hz and 928Hz generates excellent breakout force for superior bucket loading and load retention.
  • Spacious cab with ergonomic controls keep you comfortable and productive all day long.
  • Load sensing hydraulics deliver precise control with low effort operation.
  • System senses work demand and adjusts flow and pressure to match, allowing full hydraulic forces at any engine speed for delicate jobs in tight areas.
  • Ride Control option provides an even more comfortable ride and greater material retention over rough terrain.
  • Tackle more jobs with one machine with the extensive line of Cat Work Tools available for the Small Wheel Loader. 


Model Rated Net Power Operating Weight Bucket Capacities
924K  141 hp 28360 lb 2.5 yd3 - 6.5 yd3
930K 154 hp 30479 lb 2.7 yd3 - 6.5 yd3
938K 169 hp 35104 lb 3.2 yd3 - 6.5 yd3
926M 148 hp 28742 lb 2.5 yd3 - 3.2 yd3
930M 157 hp 30852 lb 2.7 yd3 - 3.5 yd3
938M 182 hp 36156 lb 3.2 yd3 - 4.2 yd3




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