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Cat® Screed Highlights:

Cat® Screeds can be configured to match any paving application - from highways to city streets to parking lots. Even when set up for maximum paving width, Cat Screeds resist flexing due to unique, robust guide tube design. Select front-mount or rear-mount hydraulic screed extensions, both with optional power-extending main frames. Caterpillar has a full line of vibratory and tamper bar screeds to cover all paving widths while producing high density layers on asphalt as well as other granular materials. User-friendly controls simplify tamper setup and vibrating frequencies to match production rate, paving depth and paving speed. Operators can easily adjust the ramp time for tamping speed. Cat Screeds are simple to set up for consistently smooth transverse joints and minimum screed plate wear. Heavy-duty frames on both 2.5 m (8.0') and 3.0 m (10') screeds allow installation of bolt-on screed extensions for extra-wide paving.


Model Weight with Electric Heat Standard Paving Range Maximum Paving Width
AS3251C 6450 lb 8 - 15.5 ft 20.17 ft
AS3301C 6450 lb 10 - 19.5 ft 26.16 ft
AS4251C 8233 lb 8.3 - 16.3 ft 26.3 ft
AS4252C 7055 lb 8.3 - 16.3 ft 26.3 ft
SE50 V 7239 lb 8.4 - 16.3 ft 21.3 ft
SE50 VT Tamper Bar 7363 lb 8.4 - 16.3 ft 26.3 ft
SE60 V 7495 lb 9.10 - 19.5 ft 25 ft
SE60 V XW 8973 lb 9.10 - 19.5 ft 33 ft
SE60 VT XW Tamper Bar 9898 lb 10 - 19.5 ft 33 ft




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