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Parts Return Policy

The costs incurred by both Ring Power Corporation and our customers relative to handling parts returns has increased at alarming rates. Ring Power Corporation has a liberal parts return program -one that is fair to both the customer and the company. Please work with us to ensure that the parts you order will be consumed, for the most part, and returns will be kept at a minimum.

Ring Power Corporation's Parts Return Policy is here for your review. To serve the best interests of all our customers, Ring Power Corporation offers a liberal parts return policy, subject to the conditions listed below:
I. New Caterpillar parts- normally stocked by us. Proof of purchase is customer's responsibility.
A. Your full purchase price will be credited to your account if returned within 15 days of purchase.
B. Parts returned after 15 days, but within one year from date of purchase, will be considered for credit at 90% of the original purchase price, provided they are current and returnable to our supplier on the date of return and are in new, saleable condition.
C. Parts returned after one year from date of purchase may, at our option, be considered for purchase back from the user. In such cases, our purchase price shall be determined by us and in no case shall our purchase price exceed 75% of the original price to the customer.

II. New Caterpillar parts not normally stocked by us - "non-stock" parts. Proof of purchase is customer's responsibility.
A. Parts that are not stocked in our inventory will be credited to your account at 75% of purchase price. Please recheck your need for all non-stock parts at time of order.
Exceptions to items I and II above:
1. Parts labeled nonreturnable in the most recent Caterpillar numerical parts record will not be credited to your account. These include items subject to deterioration such as gaskets, 0-ring seals, hose, chemicals compounds, etc.
2. Parts showing signs of having been mounted on or removed from machines are not returnable.
3. All parts must be in new and saleable condition and in the original container. Finished surfaces must be free of rust and any signs of deterioration to qualify for return.
4. Material cut to order, such as radiator hose, copper tubing or weather strip, are not returnable.
5. Electrical components are not returnable.

Ill. Non-Caterpillar parts purchased from us will be accepted for return only if our supplier will accept the parts from us. We will allow credit equal to the credit we receive from our supplier, less any freight charges incurred by us. Normally stocked items are subject to prior approval with terms to be negotiated by the Parts Manager.

IV. To be considered for return, all parts must be delivered F.O.B. our store. Proof of purchase, as well as date of purchase, is the customer's responsibility.

V. Returned parts found unacceptable by us will be held for a period not to exceed 30 days pending notification for disposition. After we have given customer notification, if the parts are not picked up or disposition advice received within 30 days of our notice, disposition will be at our choice.

(This return policy is extended to our customers as a voluntary service. We reserve the right to cancel all or any portion of this policy at any time without prior notice. This supersedes and nullifies all previous parts return policies in effect at Ring Power Corporation.)

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