Ring Power



Protection Right from the Start

In the equipment business, managing risk is the name of the game. Winning that game just got easier with QuickEvac™.

QuickEvac™ is a simple, onboard system that fully automates routine engine oil changes. This allows preventive maintenance technicians to perform a full engine lube, oil and filter change in a cleaner, more efficient manner with reduced contamination and improved accuracy of sample testing. Reduced PM time, greater machine availability and extended engine life all add up to significant cost savings and fast payback.


  • Payback in 12 months or less
  • Saves up to 2 hours per PM
  • Gains up to 2 hours of machine availability, per service
  • Extends engine life with complete prelubrication
  • Fits virtually all machines...new or old
  • Carries a comprehensive 24 month unconditional parts warranty


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