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Cargo Load & Unload Systems Design Services

We offer complete design services for Bulk Materials handling systems. Depending on your particular application, we find the right products for you and custom design the system to fit your particular bulk materials handling application and needs.


Ship & Barge Materials Load/Unload Systems

Custom storage and conveying solutions specific to the Maritime Industries.  Premier product lines for long term materials handling, storage, and stockpiling solutions. Work with our partner Superior Industries, we can provide you with the most efficient equipment for your bulk terminal loading and unloading needs. 

Whether it be a set of conveyors running independently or an integrated system, working together with existing equipment, Superior conveyors offer users an efficient alternative for loading and unloading ships.


Bulk Materials Transfer

Whether you need to transfer bulk materials a few feet or several miles, we have Turnkey Conveying Solutions that can be custom designed as ground line or elevated Conveyors.  We find the right conveying solution to move your bulk materials most efficiently. 


Railcar Loading & Unloading

Rail-based aggregate distribution is on the rise. It's a means of material transportation that promises to grow considerably as we rely more and more on outside aggregate sources. Superior Industries engineers and our product specialists have developed a group of railcar specifc products that quickly and efficiently unload rail cars, transfer the material and stockpile the resources for future consumption.


Specialized Stockpiling Conveyors

Did you know the only way to achieve a fully desegregated stockpile is with an automated, telescoping, radial stacking conveyor? Apply any other method and you're bound to achieve some level of stockpile segregation.


More than that,  producers choose technology like Superior's TeleStacker® Conveyor to achieve larger stockpile volumes. With PilePro™ automation, our telescopic units can be programmed to cost-efficiently load bins, barges, bunkers, surge tunnels, silos and ocean-going vessels.



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