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Keeping Your Equipment in Top Condition

Ring Power's Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•S) is the most reliable way to see what's going on inside your machine. Our lab technicians employ state-of-the-art technology to analyze oil samples and conduct particle counts for an accurate overall picture of the condition of your machine's power train.

Equipped with all the latest in spectrascopes, inductors, gauges and computers, our Fluids Analysis Laboratory ranks as one of the best in the nation. 

  • Exclusive Tests. Fluids are analyzed for the presence of wear metals, water, fuel and glycol; viscosity; soot, sulfation, oxidation and nitration levels; and particle counts are compared to ISO code levels. Total base number (TBN), total acid number (TAN), fuel condition and coolant tests are also available.
  • Quick Results.  Tests are performed and results made available within 24 hours after receiving the samples.
  • Recommendations.  Maintenance suggestions are provided in easy-to-understand terms, supported by test results.


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